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Are Studio Headphones Good for Gaming?

With so many different headphones models to choose from, it might seem obvious to select the ones designed specifically to improve your gaming experience. Although gaming headphones are fantastic for specific noise enhancements, they may not necessarily give you the audio clarity that studio headphones can. But are studio headphones good for gaming?

Studio headphones are good for gaming. They offer better surround sound and audio components, enabling you to have a more robust and intensified gaming experience. With the flexibility to add a microphone separately, they’re also more versatile than standard gaming headphones.

Let’s explore why studio headphones can provide a better sound stage for your games and what to look for when shopping around for your following headphone setup.

Woman wearing studio headphones when gaming

Features Making Studio Headphones Good for Gaming

Created for music, instrumentals, and to pick up even minor background noises, studio headphones can add a unique audio quality to your gaming. They’re engineered with technology that amplifies the sound levels and allows you to narrow in on specific noises relevant to the game you’re playing.

What’s more, you can use studio headphones for both console or PC gaming purposes, with the audio jack in either the monitor or your console’s controller. 

While studio headphones are not equipped with microphones, you can choose to purchase one separately for your gaming needs or when it’s required for only a specific game.

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Made for the Details

As the name suggests, studio headphones are often used by artists and producers. They are designed with qualities that increase the audio tones so that those creating and editing music know where to add sound improvements or how to tweak the music to flow better.

While most video games have some form of background music, the music isn’t often the game’s focal point but rather the dialogue or forefront noises contributing to the story or mission.

Many video games rely on specific noises that add to the gaming intensity and keep the player intrigued or interested in the mission at hand. 

For these purposes, studio headphones can help you clearly understand the varying tones of characters speaking or the distant and background sound effects. They can even give you the upper hand on target games where you’re meant to be on the lookout.


The soundstage refers to how the game’s sounds are amplified and create the interactive experience you hear in gameplay.

A good soundstage allows you to listen to noises from all angles throughout the headphones, instead of only on one side or scattered throughout both ends.

Studio headphones can offer a more uniform soundstage that heightens the overall sound quality from every angle, vital for live or action-filled games.

When you play games that include footsteps, gunshots, or tactical missions, studio headphones can give you the edge over your opponents with the better audio quality for such detailed noises.


Studio headphones are available for purchase at relatively lower prices than their gaming headphone counterparts. This is because the studio headphones don’t include the added features or software needed to achieve the full effectiveness of gaming headsets, which boosts gaming headsets’ costs further.

So, not only are studio headphones budget-friendly, but if you don’t play games that require speaking or engaging with others vocally, then you’ll also save yourself money on studio headphones since you won’t need a microphone.

For more information on the costs differences between studio headphones and gaming headphones, watch this video:


Studio headphones can also deliver higher value and longevity than other headphones because you can use them for more than one purpose. Studio headphones are compatible with both music players and gaming consoles, making them ideal for anyone who uses them for other activities aside from gaming.

The affordable prices, combined with the ability to adapt them to music and games on both consoles and PCs, give you more versatility and value than what you’d get from traditional headphones or gaming-specific headsets.

Because of the value, studio headphones are the all-around best option for gamers and music-lovers alike that want quality headphones for a range of uses.

Choosing the Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

There are a few factors to consider before taking the plunge and buying a new pair of studio headphones to accommodate your upcoming gaming needs.

Think about what games you play and how you want your headphones to add to your gaming experience.

Depending on your gaming habits, you may appreciate some designs and models over others and fit styles, and the comfort levels that each pair offers.

To help you narrow down your options and decide on the best set for you, we’ve compiled our top three tips for choosing the most practical pair of studio headphones that will improve your gaming audio and increase your sound quality.

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Consider Your Gaming Style

To maximize your gaming experience, you’ll need to consider what type of game(s) you’re regularly playing. Mission games, fighting games, and shooting games, or even story mode games can all require different levels of audio features that studio headphones can amplify.

When you’re on your search for studio headphones, check out the headphones’ specifications and see how they’ll match up with the types of games you’re playing.

If your game relies heavily on activities with background music, studio headphones will offer you the tranquility of listening to the noise while playing the game.

More intensive games with abrupt explosions, screaming, fighting, or banging, will be given a louder bass but will help you excel at your game.

Understand Your Game Playing Mode

Think about your game-playing mode and if you play in groups, online, or with others. Playing interactive games with friends or in groups will likely require a separate microphone attachment, which you can purchase and configure with your headphones during the game mode.

Quality microphones, such as the HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone, are compatible with studio headphones and can be mounted onto your gaming desk or console. Make sure they’re within range of your headphones, so you aren’t reaching between your headphones and microphone to deliver your message. 

After finishing your game, you can remove the microphone without compromising your headphones’ integrity since it won’t be attached directly to the headphones.  

If your game is filled with a lot of music and audio, you can benefit doubly from quality headphones that allow you to listen to the music while you’re playing.

Think About Your Comfort

Suppose you plan on wearing your headphones frequently or often. You’ll want some that offer maximum comfort and wearability. There are different styles to choose from, including closed-back headphones or open-back ones that fit around your head.

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The most suitable headphones are the ones that are comfortable to wear for the duration of your gameplay.

Some studio headphones will give you extra cushioning on the muffs to ensure they’re soft and easy to wear for several hours at a time. Still, you may benefit more from headphones that have another layer of padding if you’re particularly sensitive or want long-lasting comfort.


Studio headphones are fantastic alternatives to traditional gaming headphones and can provide emphasized surround sound for your gaming needs.

The value and versatility that studio headphones offer are unmatched compared to other headphones, as they’re intricately designed to amplify your gaming sounds with precision.

With durable performance and the ability to enhance detailed noises, studio headphones can deliver ultimate audio levels that optimize your gaming experience.