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Can You Wear Earbuds With a Daith or Tragus Piercing?

Whether it’s done as a fashion statement or to treat migraines, daith and tragus piercings are becoming a trend. But aside from the pain of getting it done, what other sacrifices do you have to make to get your daith or tragus pierced? Will you still be able to use earbuds?

You can still use earbuds with a daith or tragus piercing as long as the earring isn’t big enough to obstruct the earbud. However, you need to take extreme caution to keep your ears from getting infected. You should wait for the piercing to heal before using earbuds to prevent any irritation.

This article will further explore the risks of wearing earbuds with a newly pierced daith or tragus. It will also cover precautions you need to take when wearing earbuds and which ones go best with your piercings.

Earbuds with Daith or Tragus Piercing

How Earbuds Affect a Daith or Tragus Piercing

A daith piercing goes through the cartilage of the outer ear, along the section that leads to the ear canal. On the other hand, the Tragus piercing goes through the small part of the ear that protrudes near the ear canal’s opening.

Both piercings are extremely sensitive and prone to irritation and infection, particularly after the procedure.

Daith or tragus piercings can take three to nine months to heal completely. It’s normal for someone with a new piercing to feel some pain or see bruising and redness in that area.

Touching your ears or using earbuds can prolong the healing process. 

If you really can’t resist using your earbuds, wait at least a week after the piercing and use ones made of soft silicone. Earbuds such as the AirPods are made from hard plastic, which may cause further bruising, aside from being painful to wear.

Another risk of using earbuds while your piercing heals is getting an infection. Earbuds can build up excess wax, which increases the chances of bacteria appearing.

Getting your piercing wound infected will not only be painful but can lead to many health complications, such as ear infections.

Precautions To Take When Wearing Earbuds With a Daith or Tragus Piercing

Waiting 3 to 9 months for your piercing to heal may feel like ages, and not being able to use earbuds will make it seem like an eternity.

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to prevent getting an infection while still using earbuds.

Wash Your Hands

Make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching the earbuds. Our hands are prone to housing bacteria that could get passed on to the earbuds and eventually come into contact with your piercing, causing an infection. 

Keep the Piercing Clean

You must also keep the piercing free from dirt by cleaning it with soap and water at least twice a day. Naturally, you should wash your hands before cleaning your ears.

Regularly treating the piercing with rubbing alcohol is also recommended to prevent bacteria and fluid accumulation in that area.

Clean Your Earbuds Before Using Them

Clean and disinfect your earbuds before using them. You can peel off the silicone tips and clean that separately with dishwashing liquid. Just dry them with a blow-dryer or paper towel before putting them back on.

You can use a brush to clean the mesh of the earbuds and disinfect them using cotton balls with rubbing alcohol.

To keep the inner parts of the earbuds dry, make sure not to soak the cotton balls too much.

Limit Using Earbuds to 1 Hour

Using earbuds for extended periods can put pressure on the piercing, causing bruising and irritation. Try to limit using your earbuds to an hour a day, or take them off as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort.

This will also go a long way in protecting yourself from hearing loss.

Don’t Sleep With Your Earbuds On

Sleeping with earbuds is already risky without any piercings, but even more so with a daith or tragus. They could get dislodged and press against your ears at an uncomfortable angle.

Even if the earbuds stay in place, they could cause pain and discomfort simply by being there for an extended time.

Don’t Force the Earbuds To Fit

Earbuds come in different shapes and sizes. What used to fit comfortably may not fit so well after getting your ears pierced. Use earbuds that you can insert without excessive force and sit snuggly in place. 

If the earbuds are too big, they can push against the earring and irritate your piercing. 

The Best Earbuds for Daith and Tragus Piercings

The fit of the earbuds you use will significantly impact how well they work with your newly pierced ears. You could simply go with the smallest or softest earbuds you could find, but not all of them will deliver good sound quality. 

Fortunately, smaller earbuds can still have exceptional sound quality, so there doesn’t have to be a compromise. 

Below is a list of highly recommended earbuds (available on for people who have daith or tragus piercings. All the earbuds on the list are wireless and have silicone tips.

Kurdene S8 

The Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds come with 3 different-sized ear caps for a perfect fit. All the surfaces that are in touch with your ears are made of liquid silicone to ensure utmost comfort. 

These earbuds are tuned by professionals and have a wide frequency response to deliver dynamic bass and enhanced mid and treble sounds. Charging takes only 1.5 hours and allows you to enjoy 6 hours of music.

Tozo T12

The Tozo T12 wireless earbuds feature an ergonomic design with soft silicone ear tips to provide stability and comfort. It also has touch control sensors that work to minimize the pressure on your ears when you operate the earbuds.

You can safely wash these earbuds with soap and water, as both the earbuds and carrying case are IPX8 waterproof. 

Abramtek E8

The Abramtek E8 wireless earbuds are one of the smallest in the market. They are ultra-light, weighing just as much as a piece of paper. But despite their size, they can still deliver remarkable sound quality. They also come with 3 different-sized ear caps for a guaranteed fit.

The carrying case is light and compact at just 2 inches (5 cm) in length, making these earbuds extremely portable. 

Soundcore By Anker Life A1

Anker’s Soundcore Life A1 wireless earbuds have bigger drivers to deliver more bass and treble. You also have three sound modes to choose from. 

The fast charging in the Life A1s lets you enjoy 9 hours of continuous music from a single charge or 1.5 hours with a 10-minute charge. The carrying case allows you to recharge the earbuds three times.


The INSMY i3 earbuds have an ergonomic design that ensures pain-free usage. Aside from delivering exceptional sound quality, these earbuds have active noise cancellation, which will enhance your listening experience even more. 

You get three ear caps in different sizes designed to block noise and provide a comfortable and stable fit.

Final Thoughts

It’s not advisable to use earbuds before a daith or tragus piercing heals. However, the healing process can take months.

If you can’t wait that long and decide to use earbuds anyway, you’ll have to be extremely careful and diligent in keeping your hands, earbuds, and ears clean to prevent infection.

You should wait at least a week before using earbuds, and the only ones you should use are ones with silicone ear tips.

Fortunately, there are plenty of models you can choose from to ensure comfort and stability without compromising sound quality.